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Hi Guys

Well I'm finally here after many years of mk1/mk2 Escorts my next intended mark is a 87 D Plate Manta GTE Exclusive, with any luck I will have my stead first week in February and will post pic's and spec then until then may I thank you all in anticipation of a warm welcome.

Ps can anyone tell me if the cloth for the front recaro's is still available

Kind regards

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Welcome to the fold, and what a great choice :thumbup

Which recaros do you have,- chicago grey, yellowy check, or black check?

Not that it makes much difference, cos I'm pretty sure you can't get it anywhere, but you may find someone selling the same type of seat in better condition.

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Many thanks Devil Fish

I feared as much they only started reproducing the Beta cloth for the old escorts a few years back, the one's in the car are not terrible but not great, so if that is the case I may have to go for a later recaro from dare i say a ford and get the door cards and rear seat retrimmed.

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It shouldn't be too hard finding second hand replacements as all plus '86 GTEs would have the same interior as your exclusive and if it's just the front, then the hatch/coupe is irrelevant.

How long have you had the exclusive mate and if you don't mind me asking, did you pay a lot for it? Certainly a valuable and appreciating model to have if it's very good to mint

PS Welcome to the forum.

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HI Ricky and thank you 4 the welcome

The front drivers seat is the only thing that i belive lets the car down a wee bit she has a wonderfull body (better than mrs ) 2 wee spots of rust both smaller than me small finger nail (sunroof and bonnet) resprayed in 2006 bored to 2.2 145bhp on dyno, gas spats all round lowered 25mm, wilwood rear disc convertion with slotted and drilled front discs and billet 4 pot calapers, a set of retro 15inch wheels by irmscher due to the front disc convertion apart from that she is great nick and standard !!!!

I go to see and collect if right next saturday, so fingers x'ed she is as good as she look's and bobs your uncle fannie's your auntie i'll be the new daddy

Cannot say any more at the mo but if and when she is mine ill tell all

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Thank all for the welcome

A little bit about me

40 year's old, East end boy now living in Essex, "Please dont hold this against me".

Sold my last MK2 just before Christmas, had withdrawal within 2 weeks and Son aged 12 demarnded that i by a car that we can still go to show's and meeting's with, so not being a man that wishes to disapoint a child .

Im buying a Manta

Is there any other Manta boy's and girl's in the essex east/north london area

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