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The NEXT MEET is .................. to be arranged ........... watch this space ..

LOCATION ...........

The OLD ORLEANS public house/Restaurant

Waltham Abbey


On the A121 . (( Honey Lane + Woodridden Hill + Epping New Road + High Road Roundabout ))

I'll post a google-map soon

Junction 26 on the M25 . coming from Dartford Tunnel its first left off the roundabout at Jnc 26 into Honey Lane/ Woodridden Hill .

Coming from Watford , Take the exit at Jnc 26 ( keep right ) turn right at roundabout go

under Motorway take 2nd left off that roundabout ( 1st left is no entry ) into Honey Lane / Woodridden Hill

pass the Thia Restaurant on your right which is the Volunteer & covered in scaffolding Continue on past the Woodbine pub on your left. The Meet is in the pub at the top of the hill on your left which ison the round-a-bout ( Epping New Road ) Huge car-park so loads of room

There was a meet at the ROYAL FOREST HOTEL Chingford/Epping forest

a while ago...it fizzled out as the nights were arriving at 4.30pm & bloomin cold ! Thinking of kicking this off again , seeing as spring is just around the corner .. & there are some new forum-users posting now that are in the surrounding area's ........So anyone up for it ?

PM or post up here .


does not have to be the RFH . If you have a venue in mind

post it up ...


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i will be coming along to this event where ever and when ever it takes off now i remember putting one off these up a while ago and getting a responce from a man with a mk1 cav but cant remember his name.

i think the RFH would be good its not that far from me but the more people we get for this shindig then we could allways move it to a more central location for everyone.

lets try to get all the manta owners in london area together.


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I will add that Mantaman ( Ian Virco ) co-ordinates most meets in our areas , There is also Ron Daymond's ( Uncle Ron ) meet at the Coy Carp in Harefield .. Hopefully once this kicks off we could organise a trip to other meets ( Convoy ) and invite those meets to ours ...... in the middle of the forest with the sun glinting thru the trees & bendy, windy roads .....

There is also The Woodbine at Waltham Abbey which is located next to the M25 Jnc 26 ........and easier to find ...Whatever Chaps ...Its early days

I cant wait for those hazy, lazy summer days to get here now

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I had the same trouble .

It was an easy fix ...

I bought her a MANTA, so

every time I started to get

some grief I said ........

" So What , You've got one too ! "

She refuses to get underneath it tho'

I guess thats where a Manta & me are different ... ...Wey-Hey...!


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Hi Matt .

Be good to see you again . guess the hair will be a bit greyer with

those sleepless nights catching up on you .. :P

Looks as tho' we'll be having a great time ... Im really looking forward to it :

Anyone into 70/80's American Muscle Cars will be in for a treat too ..... ;)

( wink, wink, say no more ! )

Might even treat the Coupe to a wash n brush up for this one !!!!!!!

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