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Ascona 2.0s 4 Door.


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Recaro's are from a GTE. The blitz logo is based on the 1963 Blitz badge used by Opel. Rear seats were from an old set from an Ascona. The recaros were free believe it or not including seat frames. The rear lights are the original ones blacked out by aerosol, the front indicators came from German ebay.

Will post up pics of the dash sometime, it has laser cut stainless clock rings again from german e bay. Hard to find the clock ring kit as the Ascona has 3 actual dials not 2 like a Manta with 4 small dials. Opel sport leather wheel.

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Someone has said that TV has produced a list of whats left Vauxhall /Opel in the uk. The figure of 89 was mentioned.

Spec of Car.

Original 16k 100bhp 2.0s Engine with 5 speed Getrag box, Modified to fit 4 speed tunnel and original centre console. Powerflow stainless exhaust built to look original. Twin pot calipers. Lowered 40mm using Gte spring kit. Wheels as stated above, interior also as stated above. All other interior original, no ICE, Clock removed and blanked, Rear numberplate fitted below Mk1 Cavalier rear bumper, Engine bay stripped and redetailed, Manta A embossed Opel Rocker Cover.

Thanks for all the positive comments.

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