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Strange Wiring Problem


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After putting my broken indicator stalk back together (thanks for the tip mantadoc) I was annoyed to find that a recent lighting fault is still persistent.

When the lights are off the indicators work normally. If I turn the lights on I lose indicators, they don't come on at all. One dipped light is also *slightly* dimmer than the other. If I pull back on the main beam one side lights up after a fashion and the other side goes out completely.

Also when I do this the green indicator light on the dashboard comes on dimly as well.

I've been around and checked all the earths and they seem good, so I am a little perplexed! I'm hoping I don't have a problem with the loom as it joins the steering column as it looks a right bugger to get tot the bottom of. I can't see how it's anything other than an earth issue so I'm really scratching my head here.

Anyone got any clues or had a similar issues? Or fancy trying to fix it? MOT looming :/

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Common earthing by the sounds of it.

Check all your earths on headlight and tail light units.

Or to test disconnrct one tail light and / or one headlight (might not prove 100% due to multiple wires in the earth points).

Good that your stalk went back in... simple ain't it?

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Well, my initial suspicions and everyone elses were quite correct - a duff earth on the passenger side.

I hooked everything up to earth at the battery temporarily and the circuit worked fine. Filed the earth hole and replaced the bolt and she's back to normal. Sometimes you just need a bit of affirmation and a fresh head on when tackling these things :)

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