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What Goes In This Hole?


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Hi guys n Gals, checking oil & water t'other day & noticed a rather clean looking threaded hole in my thermostat housing.

Has something come off?

If so what? It does look like a rather clean thread.


Your knowledgeable responses would be greatly appreciated.

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I will add before anyone else does, that Yes I am a bit of a numbty, you would think after 26 years of owning it I would & probably should know every nut & bolt.

But I'm old & a bit senile.


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The solex 32 carb had auto choke worked via coolant may be someone has added outlet on side thermostat for coolant instead of being inline in water hoses one in wan oot carb.Placing before thermostat would let choke work faster maby wrong in ma thinking.

Hope yur keepin fine.

cheers rab.

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Cheers guys, apart from keith with his rather hurtful caravan remarks......you sir are a Rotter.

Rab,it did have a Solex auto choke originally before I had the Weber conversion.

I just hadn't noticed the threaded hole before & it looks quite shiny, so had me wondering if something had legged it.

Andy, yeah I would like to get the little doodah sorted, when I pointed it out to the MOT man he said, F€*K off there's nowt wrong with this car.

When will you have room in your shed & how long will it take us?

Ta again, Sam.


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Keith, you should know better, you can pour acid in my eyes & swap my wife for a camel, there is nothing that worries me.

But CARAVAN......... only kiddin of course.


I Promise (hand on heart) no more jokes/pun posts about caravans again :thumbup Unless it's a 'really' good one :D

Nice one Sam :thumbup



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