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Hello From Norway


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Hello everyone,

My name is Steven, from Norway. I have recently bought back my first car from my sister, it's a Manta B GTJ '83 which I hope to bring back to super shape and possibly modify a bit (alot?). Just need to change the steering rack to get it back on the road. the car had a unhappy meeting with a sidewalk last winter.

then it's a 10 hour drive from my birthplace to home =)

First thing I consider doing is changing the original carb with autochoke which is a real pain! A bit more power at the same time wouldn't hurt, so I dunno if I should upgrade to injection or use weber 32/36 or 38 DGAS. Fuel economy is a bit of concern since this is Norway :P



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Hi Steven, if fuel economy and better running with a manual choke is what you're after then there's a kit available for the 1.8S engine. It uses a Weber DTML carb which some have said delivers slighty less power than the crap varijet, I've found this only true at higher revs but an 8v engine most of the grunt comes from the lower range anyway. You might find one second hand but there's a place that sells the whole kit new.. I'll look them up.

Have you heard of a band called Leaves' Eyes? Liv Kristine and her husband Alexander Krull are from Norway but I don't know if they're popular up there?? I've got a few of their albums and their new one is out soon called Njord (what does that mean? Is it North?)

Anyhow, welcome to the forum. Rick.

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Hello and welcome to the forum and the club. I take it that you got your membersip pack OK.

Hope to see you on the forum and please post your progress with your car in the prodject section, we would all love to see how you do it in Norway. :rolleyes:

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Rick, I've heard of them, can't say I've heard anything by them though. As far as Norway goes, my favoutite bands are Emperor, Mayhem etc.

Well hopefully Steven is like us, not only excellent taste in cars but also music :D

Steven, if your manta's hit the kerb then you may find more damage than the steering rack. The bottom arm could be damaged and the anti-roll bar links usually break quite easily even on pot holes and such, if the steering is pulling you to the damaged side then the bottom arm damage is more likely.

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Thanks for the warm welcome :) I've just moved to new house so I don't have internet at home yet. I will certainly post pictures of the car.

I haven't heard of Leaves' eyes (but I have heard about Mayhem :) ). Not sure what Njord means, but it's from "old norwegian mythology" (don't have a better description for it).

mantaray: yes got the membership pack a few days ago, thanks :)

The car hit the kerb at low speed, at least that's what I've been informed. The wheel turns 1/4 round, then you have to "break" it past a point where it's "stuck" than it's 1/4 more turn and same happens again. I hope it's just the steering rack, but I'm prepared to change more parts to get the Manta back on road.

Thanks for the tip about the weber dtml carb, that could also be an option. I think I'll like to use something that favors performance over fuel economy (within reasonable boundaries for a road car though..) But if that kit isn't very expensive that could be an option in the start. There are other things with the car I want to bring up to shape before more power in the engine.

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