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Project A Series


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hi, just thought i would post a few pictures of my new A series project,basically this car used to belong to my old man and it came up for sale on here a month ago and i decided to get my grubby hands on it, so i asked if dave (mantasrme on here) as he was local if he would pick it up for me and he said he would so we arranged a date and went to pick it up. wen we got back from essex we decided to get it running as it is a pain in the neck to push about,a few new rubber fuel pipes and some fresh juice it burst into life, with a rather noisy top end, so we shot some fresh oil and filter on and it now runs spot on,better than my gte hatch infact!


after a good t cutting and wash



more piccies ect as work progresses

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right just a little up date,

today i have just removed the sound deadening from the boot,and treated the cursty but solid metal in there to stop it getting any worse while its laid up,



Right heres the dreaded floor pans :unsure:



to be honest this car isnt very solid at all but its saving grace is its tweeked 2.4 i dont realy no whats been done or what its got,but from what i remeber from years back its bloody quick,that may also get a rebuild aswell if i can twist daves arm into doing it :D


again very crusty under here aswell again just treated the batery tray aswell.


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Good luck with the project, krust aint thaat good only pops a coating on top and rust tends to come back through. jenoilte or metal ready from frost will work really well, then some por15.

Foot wells look like they have had a load of work before.

hard to tell from the pics but the front panel looks bad, just behind the bumper where the upper and lower front panel meet is a major prob, front panels are hard to repair right and new ones cost a mint.

Again hard to say from the pics but the rear quarter panel looks like its been filled patched before and the sills seem a weird colour though replacement sills are cheap and handy to get.

Your prob best taking the wings of and taking the engine out and stripping the shell to see exactly what work you have in front of you.

pretty normal for an A series though smile.gif I'm sure you will get it all sorted with some graft.

few pointers on where to look for rust


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to be honest this car isnt very solid at all but its saving grace is its tweeked 2.4 engine

Well some of its solid, the roof's good :P

Most of the rot problem is from a leak that has soaked into the original carpet underlay/sound proofing while it was stood for a few years.

This has nicely rotted out a lot of the floor pans.

To make things a little worst someone has done a patch up job in the past and covered some existing rust (or not used a good enough rust treatment!)

Which means that will all need cutting out to fix it properly.

Oh and while the floors were rotting the sills, rear arches and lower rear 1/4s thought they'd join in the fun :(

The front panel has been bodged/filled at some point as the car had a front end bump. Won't know the full extent of that untill we get it stripped.

that may also get a rebuild aswell if i can twist daves arm into doing it :D

:o i don't remember that bit.

I might have said take the head off for a quick inspection, but that was all <_<

Oh well i didn't expect this job to be a simple quick thing like you Hatch :rolleyes:

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yeah thats probly the only thing solid :D

well maybe i didnt say that but thats kinda what i meant,seeing as i had my if its going to get done it may

aswell be done proply head on that day! :rolleyes:

hatch quick! :lol: that had half the work this needs doing and its still not finished properly and thats taken a few yaers at my speed!!

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right then

pulled the back seat out and found these,

picture of crusty rear floor pan, and gte rear seat which i quite like in the A


seat removed


after a bit of poking around :unsure:


anways thats it for today, may be another update or so in a few weeks when i get back from sunny spain B)

cheers sean

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yes shed loads of welding theres tons underneath aswell!

just aswell mantasrme is local, and is a really good a welding up rotten old mantas cause hes got his work cut out whith this one :rolleyes:

im goimg to need a the luck i can get :D cheers

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Found some pictures of your car from about 10 years ago. The car at that time had Ronal wheels and 2 spotlights and 2 driving lamps on the front . Highly polished bodywork.400 style mirrors

There is a young lad stood next to it , is it you? I think your dad was called Steve? He was picking up some parts from me.

If you would like the photos please email me.

Regards Steve Godfrey

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