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Brake Pipes Inside Car


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Well awe wid mak it pop oot jist aweside thi original external position fur `T` piece ower axle.If dain awe aff road job aye but fur ordinary motorin nae worth the bother fur awe that is actually there anyway pipe wise!

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I'm presuming this is for a Road-Rally car?

If so on mine i ran the brake pipe down the drivers side of the transmission tunnel

Then there's a nice gap under the rear seat crossmember that you can sneak the pipe through (right against the propshaft tunnel)

To get outside i went through one of the large grommets in the floor under the rear seat.

I went through at just a slight angle (with some rubber fuel pipe around the copper brake pips for extra protection) whuch got me lined up to the original brake pipe mount under the rear seat.

I did it this way so i could still fit the lower rear seat (not that anyone sat in it in my road-rally car)

On my stage rally car i have a nice little bend in the end of the pipe inside the car and a proper bulkhead fitting exiting in about the same position.

Then braided brake pipe over to the axle.

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It currently exits under the seat, I was just wondering if there was a better place as I'm fitting a steel torque tube which doesn't have the bracket for the flex pipe. I used the Manta for road rallying years ago, might do again if I ever finish it.

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