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Gte Engine & Auto Box For Sale


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As the title says 2.0 GTE engine & auto gearbox for sale.

Working when removed fom car this week

I will split & sell separately.

As for cost i have not got a clue,so lets say £50 each or make me an offer I'm not greedy just want to pass them on to someone who needs them & to help off set a tiny part of my project costs.

I am near Canterbury in Kent so would prefer collection

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Do you have the engine number or year of the car it came from as it maybe an Unleaded head, worth having. As for the Auto box...........not seen one sell yet or even given away :rolleyes:

check beside spark plug #2 there should be a flat spot with P2E this tells you that the head has the hardeded valves etc suitable for unleaded, or if it has XR2 or 3 then it will not be suitable for unleaded, i did buy a couple of P2E heads off of someone on here, but never got them or my money back despite asking numerous times :angry:

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Has this engine and box sold? I could do with a 1.9 or 2.0 litre CIH from an Auto as I have a Manta A Berlinetta Automatic, which has lost its oil pressure completely (and I am worried I have damaged the engine), so am looking for a replacement engine that is from an Auto.

Is there any difference between engines with Manual and those with Autos, some cars have diffrences in the end of the crank?

I would also like a spare autobox as that would be useful to have.

Only thing is, I live about 200 miles away, but I would be interested in the engine and box if they were still available.

If it is that an engine from a manual car would bolt straight up to the autobox (and it has sold), I'll look for a decent 1.9 or 2 litre engine a bit nearer home.



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hi all im sorry to ask this engine was it broken down for parts im looking for an exhaust manafold the aluminium bit in shape of a u sitting under the carberretta i stupedly broke off one of the bolts when i was rebuilding the engine id almost finished the rebuild from the heads up and then snap very annoying. mines the old a 1974 version 1.9 altho looks like any opel engine has this pipe conected to the engine. if you can help id love to know ian 07855062412

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