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Prop Shaft Help With Pics


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Hey guys,

a bit of back ground knowledge, building an XE chevette, with manta gearbox and manta B rear axle (yes its 2 inches wider blah) and i was given a prop shaft and was told thats what i need.

does the manta A and manta B have different prop shafts.

this is what i have:

Axle with clamps. all good


this prop shaft which i have been told is manta, in which both ends are to small for the fittings. the clamp end, the inner circles are way to small, and the spline end the prop shaft spline wont go on the box.



and then the chevette prop shaft, which goes over the spline end of the box, but is a different fitting to the axle end.


has anyone got any pics of a manta B prop shaft.

and also, is there a bearing to go on the end with the clamps?

many thanks.

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Second picture, looks like the bearing / bearing outer is missing off the X piece, hence too small.

Sounds like the Manta prop isn't from a 5 speed is it doesn't fit the 5 speed box.

You need a 1.8 5 speed or GTE prop shortening as you have Manta bits both ends.

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Mantadocs's correct. When i gave you the prop i said it was from an A Series and it had an outer cap missing. At the time, the spline end didn't matter as you said you were using a Ford type 9 'box and the prop was just a basis for you to get a custom item made. However, now you using a 1.8 gearbox, you're going to need a 5 speed prop.

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you need the manta b prop for this conversion:-

box end spline is larger diameter on B than the A. The A will not fit the 1.8 gearbox.

i suspect you will also need to shorten the prop!

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thanks SImon, i was hoping you would reply.

yeh my bad on saying i was going to use a type 9 box.

things changed lol.

so i need a manta B prop shaft. ill get onto it.


If the chevette is like the Kadett, Manta A series with 5 speed box you will need a shorter prop with the 5 speed connection on one end and the full UJ on the other end. I have a modified 5 speed shaft here for a 5 speed box to suit an A series/Kadett etc. Measure what length of prop you need and drop me a pm, I,ll measure this one and see if will suit your Chevette

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I thought we'd told you this on retro rides, but if you have done the crossmember mod as per the details we gave (47mm forward mount position) then a manta b automatic propshaft bolts straight in there.

If you can't find one of those, I can sort you out a normal 5 speed one to modify

ooh ps didn't read robbie's post, but yep, kadett is same as chevette, so kadett prop from robbie will do the trick

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