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2.2 Won't Idle

Devil Fish

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The 2.2 in my i200 won't idle... the revs just drop off and it cuts out.

Otherwise it runs fine.. i.e. will quite happily bomb down the motorway with no loss of power etc..

Suspect its the idle control unit/valve? Unless anyone else has any idea? (I've checked earths, wires, vacuum hoses etc all fine)

Does anyone have a spare kicking about I could try, or even give me the part number for it, as some it has scrubbed off mine...

it goes: 0 280 140**02 (the * being the numbers missing)


Any help much appreciated


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Electrically the unit is very simple, just being a solonoid.

If you,ve got a multi meter then set it to ohms and put the probes on each spade terminal, if you get no reading even on the 1000Kohm range then it's probably an open circuit coil on the solonoid.

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hi there. if you were to squeeze the pipe on a normally working set up the revs fall to a very low level (500 600 rpm ish)so if yours is set up correct & was previously working ok then a faulty idle control would only fail to REGULATE the idle speed.not cause no idle at all. if it i.snt set up correct then theres an idle bypass screw under throttle body .basic set up would be to set at 600 rpm with pipe CLOSED then unit would bring up to correct amount. accurate way of setting is with a dwell meter as per carlton haynes book instructions.

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Maybe not the idle control unit then...

what else could it be?

Literally I was driving (stuck in a traffic jam moving very slowly...) the car was idling fine, electric fan was on, the car was happy, not overheating etc... moved along a bit further in the queue came to a stop and then it started dying...

must be something that has gone, failed, broken etc... can't be timing, throttle switch position or any part of the set-up... (nothing had moved or been fiddled with!)

I may just give up and take it straight to my garage!

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does the car run perfectly in every respect apart from the idle? if you hold the idle by just touching the accelerator pedal does it run smoothly? as i said earlier the idle valve & control box only regulate the speed. if yours was fine then started to fail its either something that has failed or a hose has deleloped a split.

check big hose to air flow meter, check servo hose, check also small hose to pressure reg inbetwwen injectors. (there should be no fuel in this hose at all. )

check idle bypass screw under throttle housing has not worked loose.

just a few more ideas for you !

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