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Anyone With A C20Let Engine,help!


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Hi again all,still same old problem as my c20 let manta has a stand alone Mitsi evo ECU no body will tune it for me. i have fitted a boost gauge and its showing 5psi???????? Which seems odd as the car is seriously fast but there. Does anyone know what PSi boost a C20 let is optimal and safe at?

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If your having problems with getting the ECU sorted you could always go for an Emerald setup from dave Walker in Watton.

The ECUs are made with a base map which Dave Walker then sets up on his rolling road.

I know its spending more money but at least you know it will be correct and won't have to worry about blowing up the motor

Just an idea


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Hi Marc, when i fitted the engine for the former owner, i used the stock ECU, have you still got that? if so, it may be worth refitting it and get rid of the EVO ECU currently on there.

Another idea is to maybe contact the people the former owner asked to do all the tuning work if they're still trading to see if they can help you.

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Thansk for the replies,managed to get hold of the other guy who tinkered with the car and its a V-max evo 5 chip in the std ECU which is good news so hopefully i can just move forward from there. The engine had a brand new block and was skimmed,new pistons,bottom end rebuild and timing belt all about 18months ago and has done nothing since so seems i have a good base to work on. i am planning to check for leaks 1st as 5 psi does seem too low and then get running about 14psi and should be able to eat most things around off the line.

Only problem is the manta becomes very light on the back at speed (over 100mph) and to be honest im very nervous driving at that. I guess this is a common issue?

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On our kadett c turbo we were running 22 psi on a standard bottom end, with XE cams (inlet and exhaust) and it was making 400hp

To be honest, the engine is the least problem if you have a standard back axle. On the lightter kadett we smashed the manta axle repeatedley (on every trip to santa pod, fortunately I had plenty of them) it usually broke the diff carrier, but later sheared the prop off and smashed the torque tube too, plus it ate an 1800 manta gearbox most times out too!

The car is now running different running gear, including a v6 omega gearbox, which WAS bulletproof for 2 years, but last month broke after running an 11.3sec 1/4 mile, at 26psi boost ond a little over 500hp. It stripped all the teeth off 3rd gear, bent the mainshaft and pushed the layshaft bearings clean though the casing...........

Just to fill you in on what can happen when you keep wanting more.

if you take a look on our website (link in the bottom of our posts) and look in the projects section for kadett c turbo you'll get the gist:)

PS we binned the std ecu as it just can't cope, we were running it chipped (remapped a good few times) but it was very hard work, it was much cheaper in the long run to fit a programmable ecu, as its a quick (and cheap) job to sort remapping now

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