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Heater Upgrade

Adam west

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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone knows how I can upgrade the standard heater fan to something that will blow air through the car better

Cheers adam

I bought a Mk1 Cav coupe just over 12 months ago, and the heater in that is as good as any modern day car heater, I was surprised at the heat it throws out, I contacted the guy that I bought the car from and he, who is a heating engineer, had put in a matrix off a golf, but not one matrix out and another one in, he has put the Golf matrix in line with the OE matrix, it is fitted out of sight behind the glove compartment. he sent me a drawing, with instructions, and I posted them on this forum, but I have searched and am unable to find them, I suppose the reason being I don't remember where I posted it :mellow: so if anyone can find it perhaps they will direct you to it :thumbup

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