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Ashley Xe Rwd Manifold , 1.8 Alloy Sump


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Hello ,

I think the new alloy sumps cost about £240 when I last looked about about 4 years ago. They didn't look as well made as the proper GM ones though. My old alloy sump sold on Ebay for £240 so I think this set the price for the reproduction ones ..........

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same as cavtastic says if you want it buy it if not dont ;) .

good luck with sale put a pic on photobucket of your items then copy it to here might sell faster, dont forget your location and if postage avalable.

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I never knew SBD actually went ahead and had the sumps cast.

Last I heard was that they were gauging interest at a price of well over £200. That was some years ago.

Never actually saw them for sale and there is no sign of any reference to them on their website now.

On the topic of people posting that prices are expensive. I can see the point of if you don't want to buy it keep your opinions to yourself. However if I was a new member and saw this advert I would appreciate the advice that other options are available for the same sort of price. Cheaper if I was happy to fit a steel sump.


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