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Twin Headlamp Holders/adjusters


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If you need to replace the broken plastic hooks/fixings then you could always try this. An old idea tweaked:

On some wipers you get two strips of stainless steel that run the full length of the wiper blade that are used to hold everything together.

You will need one or two of these.

Cut to a suitable length:


Next you need some M6 studding, again cut to a suitable length. On one end, cut a slot using a hacksaw:


Then push in a piece of the strip:


A couple of spots of weld and cleaned up on the bench grinder:


You could add a piece of heat shrink sleeving so you don't have metal to metal contact but probably unnecessary:


Add a nut, washer and spring and you're ready to go!:


Don't have any lengths to hand as the bits are in the 'Black hole of Calcutta' of a garage of mine (i.e. no idea where they are)!

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now that is a class modification using non standard parts :thumbup

As I've been putting off this little job for myself for a while now as I have not been looking forward to doing it.......... I can say after reading that post I can now attack it with confidence.

Totally echo Pats post.......... Absolutely spot on modification :thumbup:thumbup

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Been looking into making a set of these up for myself today, and thought I could make other sets up to in full stainless.

Stainless springs, nuts, washers and studding etc. And to make these totally adjustable to allow a decent spring tension as I've had a gut full of messing about trying to adjust twin lights over the years.

But my God.

Approx 1 metre of studding, 36 washers, 24 nuts, 12wingnuts, 12 springs, price just got absolutely out of hand, would be looking at £40.00 for a full set of headlamp adjusters, by the time I would have cut strips of stainless and TIGged it onto the cut down and cleaned studding. At least they would never rust, fall apart, or seize up though.

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