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Xe On Megajolt, Tps Or Map?


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Hi folks,

Forward planing here, going to ditch the dizzy on the XE when it goes in and go Megajolt to run the ignition.

The engine will be on bike carbs with a Bog Bros manifold.

Just wondered what people were running there megajolt systems with a Throttle Position Sensor(TPS) or a Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) for the load reading?

By the looks of things most engines running bike carbs go for a TPS set up.



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ive got a 20seh on bogg carbs

mega jolt seemed a pretty expensive option with some fitting grief im sure , but very good tho , the idea of programming your spark timing is appealing ,

but having to use ford module, coil ,leads and weld in a trigger wheel to your crank pulley, create and mount the sensor in the right place, and the wiring all seemed a bit iffy to me so...

i went down the H+H ignition solutions route , and had my standard 18s belt drive dizzy modified for a mere £35 or so . and it really did make a good improvement .

the 20seh and probably the xe's already have a trigger wheel for a crank sensor inside the block .it would be nice to use that and the standard vauxhall sensor with the megajolt kit. i dont think its compatible due to the number of teeth it has ....maybee someone here knows if this can be done that way ???

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