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Very Nice Cav Coupe

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think u"d need to be very fanatical to pay that amount

maybe not,but i find when dealers,etc get there hands on these type of cars

eg,barn finds,old pops has stopped driving etc,

they are putting v/high prices on them,wonder what his profit on this is

nice motor,way to high a price,IMO only


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Well considering this same car sold in June for £560 and it doesn't look like anythings been done to it since

i'd say he's trying to make a hell of a profit on it, but if its going on the auction block it will only make what someones wlling to pay for it.

Oh and original advert http://www.ebay.co.u...=p2047675.l2557

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Thanks for that ebay link from June.

I now remember the car & thought at the time that at £560 someone had bought a potential bargain.

The advert now seems to indicate that the car has no MOT or tax unless i'm reading it wrong.

If there is no reserve then i can see this one being bought by a classic car dealer who thinks it's worth more than what it is.

So in conclusion whats it going to make?

It made only £560 in June on flea bay but i would be surprised given what recent Cav Coupes have recently fetched if this one does not make it's present owner a decent profit.

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under bonnet looks like its had a lick of paint,few scabby bits cleaned up,radiator etc

£1500 tops i reckon???,but it may not look as good in the flesh

re peoples descriptions of what they think is good etc when selling

went to look at small car for winter,gsi 24v coming off for winter

little 106 pug,looked tidy in pics,immac inside,took a run thru with son to see it,looking round,started to see,small dings etc,drivers door ,BIG SCRATCH,trader appeared,i commented about door,reply given,what do u expect,it s 14 yrs old!!!

i wont print my reply,

1 glad my son was there

2 he still has car

it was adv for £799,

i "d asked how much for it anyway,£800,i"ll give u a £1 change he said

just a f"""en tosser was my reply



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Well it didn't sell at Brooklands Historic Auctions on the 24th November so looks like the owner who bought the car for £560 in the summer might have to be more realistic to its current value.

If it sold for around £1500 which i believe is probably its value then thats still a nice little profit.

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