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Hi all, I've just joined the club and bought a manta yesterday. The car is for rallying in the new Roger Albert Clark Chamionship. I've rallied a manta before 1993 to 96 plus lots of other rwd cars.

I've loved these cars since seeing Anders Kullang in the first Ascona then watching Toivonen in the manta - simply the best! IMO.

I'm sure you know that the historic rally scene is booming and it will be good to see an Opel in amongst the Fords (though I love those too).

The car isn't a true historic it's a 400 type shell but with c20xe, 4 speed quaiffe and ford atlas - however it can still run in the new championship.

At the moment the car is being checked over and I need to get a spares pack together - if anyone has access to new bilsteins that would be a start!

I will post some pics and regular updates on progress and hopefully will get out and about in due course.

Locking forward to the Craic

Cheers Simon

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Hi all, thx for the welcome. My programme is for Carlisle stages June 23, Neath stages aug 10, woodpecker sept 1 and track rod sept 27/28 (think they are the dates) Car is currently being asessed ( it's ex Alistair Cunningham ADZ) set for Tarmac but needs setting for gravel and we need to get a spares kit together. Big challenge is that I need a co dvr - any interest please pm me. I previously ran a manta "Blakemans Sausages" dark blue with red trim/ white wheels in BTRDA 93 - 96 this car is similar spec but I'm looking to upgrade in a few areas hopefully it will be quicker than my Escort OOO998P ! I'm looking forward to meeting fellow OMOC members out and about and hopefully get the car to some shows. I'm based in Staffs BTW Cheers Simon

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any more news? - don't recall seeing you on the entry for events you entering the RAC championship in 2014?- will be at the Red Kite, Mid Wales, and also the Somerset for BTRDA snapping ;)https://www.facebook.com/chrischapmancreativemedia

also worth going on the British Rally Forum for co-driver.

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