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Irmscher Alloy Rocker Cover, Cih

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wouldnt it be worth making a cast off one and making a load to sell on ebay <_< .

or even a steinmetz rocker cover if you think irmscher ones are expensive find one of those :blink: .

i know about copyright but hey if they where perfect copies who would know :ph34r:

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If you think thats expensive, then look at some bits for a Lancia delta !!

Look at his other parts and gulp when you get to front indicators !!

This link is for a pair of channels that go around the edge of the roof above the doors.................................aint even originals either.


hes put his price up !!!!!!!!!


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yes shuviteer my mate has a delta intergrale needed a scuttle panel £1000 new genuine one. :o had one made by an italian car resorer near us looked mint cant see welding before paint, now it looks new cost him a fair bit though in labour but was worth it. :D

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