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V6 Conversion


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40 minutes ago, jonnyboy54321 said:

I think I have a contact regarding the megasquirt actually. Its all new to me!


I had an engine and manual box lined up, drive car home jobby so I would be happy, all was not how it seems however so I may well go with the omega engine thats in a vectra b with vectra induction setup instead. I can source a steel sump/flywheel etc off a scrapper locally.

Definitely looking forwards to seeing how you get on. Be cool if you mod stuff to work (like sump) you do extra pics and some dimensions? Really helps people coming along after you 😎

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Well........this has moved on a bit............only a little bit......but that lump is under 100k and sweeeeet, has a manual box in there too albeit the omega one as far as i know. Will need to source the vectra b plenum and look into it all, but for now, progress is progress. Probably should start thinking about some welding......

Screenshot (219).jpg

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49 minutes ago, jonnyboy54321 said:

Engine and box now on the shelf. Getrag 240 in stock. Omega clutch in stock. Vectra b plenums in stock. Fiat Coupe out of the garage. Suppose I had better think about repairing the fuel lines so I can drive the GTE into said garage and begin the 'long and grinding road' to restore.....

Are the Vectra plenums same as the Cav ones? 

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1 hour ago, jonnyboy54321 said:

I'm not sure - Vec B was the advice i was given. Why, do you know something I don't? (that wouldn't be hard lol)

No, I am asking you lol.

are we like the blind leading the blind here?  It's like when I am at work 😂🤣😂🤣

Edit, picture of Cav manifold added.  ( note it's off the engine, but it's a great shot of its low profile construction)



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