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Fiberglass Radiator Trays


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I have just got a batch of these made to gauge interest in these radiator trays, they have not been available for a number of years now and I have taken a chance and had these remanufactured, as you can see there are two different finishes of these, I have limited quantities of both and it will be first come first served on these, as you will be aware with all fiberglass made items they will need a little fettling etc to fit, so please bear this in mind before ordering, however the ones that have been sold so far all fit fine.

The moulding etc was pretty expensive for this and I am not going to break even on this first lot made, the prices are as follows

Prices to web and full members £30 and £8 Delivery (1st class recorded/insured)

Prices to non members will be £35 and £8 Delivery (1st class recorded/insured)

Please note the new postage cost as with the first batch I posted out was way below what the cost should have been, actual cost to post a radiator tray is £6.75 (1st class recorded/insured) I have only added £1.25 for the packaging/tape bubblewrap etc which I think are very reasonable p+p costs.

I make no apologies for the above costs to members/non members as there should at least be an incentive to join the club, and I'm hoping a £5 saving will at least entice some to join



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These look great.

I'd like a black one please. Can I pay using paypal if i add a little to cover fees (I think it's 3.4%, however I can check with paypal to make sure before making payment).

Just payed via Paypal. 4% added for fees. Cheers buddy

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All your covers are in the post

Please note the new postage price

Hi paul

Just sent you an extra £3 by paypal 'gift'

Dont want you to be out of pocket mate.



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