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North Wales, Black manta

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Sorry dynamytedan, wasn't me. I've only had this one for approx 4 months. Apparently, theres another one the same as mine in my area, all my mates have seen it and think its me!! Damn!! I gotta see it one day and approach the owner!

This is my old Starmist one, a few of you might recognise it. If you've seen it lately, let me know as i want it back!! I Shouldn't have sold it, I shouldn't have sold it......... [:(]

http://uk.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/firenz ... /my_photos

My aim is to get the blue one to the same spec but project on hold due to xmas..... bugger!!

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I'm in west wales but travel up to near telford every sunday and travel back friday night, go along the A5 through shrewsbury and the A458 through welshpool.

And yes, it's a black GTE coupe - with 400 bonnet, mirrors, headlights & spoiler.

Reg no. D210 OGS

The only manta I've met in the year or so of doing this journey was a white coupe coming towards me possibly an exclusive as it also had twin lights and I think it had the 400 spoiler - that made my day seeing that!

86 berlinetta, 87 GTE, 87 exclusive.


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