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Hello Again !


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After attending Billing this year i decided to rejoin (even though i own a BMW! ). Almost everyone i spoke to most of whom are all old friends are very positive about the club and feel it has some stability under Rab. I was impressed to hear that he had taken time to get to know as many members as possible and listen to there views about the future.


I must say the quality of the cars both on display on Saturday and Sunday "show and Shine" told me all the respective owners maintain the passion for there cars as much as i did when i owned my various models. So well done to you all, even if you didn't win a "gong" as usual its hard to separate them apart.


I was so impressed by the positive vibe of everyone i felt " the club can have my support ". I've been a classic car lover and petrol head all my life ever since watching the first Anglia's being test driven from the Carr Hill plant in Doncaster 1962 where my Dad worked. As they say "its in the blood".


So whilst i don't own a Manta i know what it takes to look after a classic car and pride and joy. So keep it up everyone the clubs in good hands so go on support it and get out in your ride.


To coin a Gas Monkey statement. " let her rip tatter chip" !!!


Ian Goacher.  



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Hi Ian.


It was great to see you over the weekend, and glad the glasses helped oot  on Sat night ;)  and seeing many past members re-joining the club of late. I am sure it won`t be long before we see another Manta / Ascona at your door.


All the best.



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