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Window Winders


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Yep, there is a small clip on the back of the winder that you need to pop off to release them.

Its basically the same setup as this image. use two small flat blade screw driver and you can leaver it out.







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You should find you have the black door panel, then a white/clear big plastic washer (like in the picture) and then the clip would sit in front on the plastic washer (it stops the clip chewing up the door panel)

So its a bit of a fiddle get the screw driver in behind the winder and before the flat plastic washer and with a bit of fiddling about you should be able to find the clip and prise it off. 


you should also find that the door panel will have a spring behind it pushing it out towards the winder so you might nee to hold this back to allow you to get the screw driver in behind the winder without scraping the panel.


Once you have done one you will see how its all setup.


I hope this makes it a bit more clear?



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