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D20 Gte Exclusive White M25\a13 Fri 17Th November

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Yeah that was me! :D


Gotta blow the dust off her every so often, and remind yourself just how much fun manta's are. Been using it everyday to get into work for the last couple of months,she will be on display at NEC if you want to see more than the exhaust next time,



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I thought you were talking about me lol when you were describing how it was being driven. I use mine daily as well and cant help myself making a lot of noise in it. :P Like today coming home I turned down a straight road, gave it some in 2nd up to 5k rpm, awesome! That Manta sound! Yours is the Exclusive Coupe relative to my Manta Dom :)

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Nice one Jack!

Gotta drive them as much as possible, keeps you keen when it all goes wrong and reminds others what there missing out on! :P


And Michelen ProSport 3's dont take much effort to clean the dust off! ;)

Do you use yours every day Dom? I cant keep out of mine

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