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Retro Rides Gathering?


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As far as i can gather our area rep Martin Meadon has got 8 spaces reserved for the Manta club stand at Retro rides,


I believe 5 people have confirmed attending & that means we have 3 spaces spare.


When you turn up in your Manta/Ascona/Mk1 Cavalier just park up by us if there is space.

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Ok here is an update for Retro Rides 2015 meet at Shelsley Walsh Worcestershire WR6 6RP


We have ten passes for the Manta stand & have 7 confirmed attendees so have potentially 3 passes spare.

If there is no room on the club stand then you can still park in the classic & retro car park area.

If you wish to convoy up with us from Bristol then we will be leaving close to BS34 6NR  around 7:30 am on Sunday 23rd August 

You will need to pay your entry fee of £7.50 to get entry to the site or if all the club passes are gone then it is £10 entry.

Here is a pic from last years event showing James Coghlan encouraging some OMOC member to break wind & follow through all over the bonnet of a Volvo :o



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I'm bringing my hatch, but not sure what time I'm arriving, leaving Devon around 6:00 so I would probably fly past bristol the time you guys leave... If I arrive a bit later can I still pop over to the stand and park up? If theres a space ovcourse. Iain 

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Hi Iain

According to Google maps if you leave Chumleigh at 5:55 am you would arrive at the convoy location just off M5/M4 interchange at 7:30 am so would be able to convoy up with us.

Alternatively assuming there is space when you arrive at Shelsley Walsh then of course you can park with us in the Manta area.

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