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No I don't have a manta at the moment. I do have a wish list but I know I will need to be flexible. The only thing I would insist on is it would need to be a coupe. Then the rest is negotiable. Would prefer A,B,C reg as have no sunroof. I would prefer standard GTE with Daytona check interior. Exclusives are ok but come fitted with dreaded sunroof and rust issues arround the roof. I feel a rusty wing, sill, bonnet, inner wing etc is easier to repair than a roof. Your help would be much appreciated thanks. 

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Jim is pretty good at getting hold of hard to find stuff, I don't have the knack . My red car I bought from Jim in 2004 , then he came up with the mantel kit that I fancied, then he and my wife settled on the wheels I needed for the car, I just fitted them. 

I know what your saying about cars in Aberdeen , normally I would agree, I think the cars have become very scarce, the coupes are the harder ones to get hold of now. My neighbor thought he was doing me a favor a while back by offering to sell me the rotten coupe I mentioned earlier ,saying all the bits were there ,it just needs a shell ! If only it were that easy I said , he had no idea. 

The other possible option is a cavalier  coupe and change the front nose cone.. Not easy either. Restoration is not cheap, the cost will always be more than what the car will sell for.  It's only worth it to the buyer . Un modified cars are a safer bet if spannering is not your thing. 

For example my red car has a non standard v8 , exhausts, dash, gearbox, wheels, heater matrix, 4 pot calipers, radiators, fans. If someone bought off me ,it would be a nightmare for them to get parts for, although not impossible .  The body work to replace a panel for it now would also be difficult. If you consider painting a car can be upwards  of £2500 after rotten panels are bought and fitted, it makes a tidy car for £5000 seem not to bad a deal.  It s always tricky to spend a lot on an older car. Just take time the right on will turn up, that will match budget and skills. Jim will probably hear of something .

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Mike and stevie do you have any manta's just now ? or are you seriously looking for a good running car or a project ? Let me no And I'll have a sniff about. Jim

Like Mike, I don't have a Manta either just now however I am pretty flexible on any Manta to be honest, Manta A to Exclusive, it's condition that will be the deciding factor for me. The best I can get that I can still use without feeling too guilty about it is the goal. I do like the GTE era but the B coupe/hatch with the black bumpers is probably my favourite era. My ideal Manta would by "smiffy" on here's coupe. Right car, right colour!!

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I've seen this one on e bay and looked at it quite a few times to see if I can convince my self one way or another, if the right car came along I would know right away but it's not quite what I'm after. It is a coupe on my doorstep but not the spec I'm looking for. I'm after an as near standard car in the age bracket of  Y,A,B,C reg four slot nose cone,with original trim and engine, as it would have came out of the factory with, and which the spec, colour, etc would match up with the v5 doc. A project to that scale would terrify me with my lack of mechanical skills and knowledge! There is no doubt that this would make a great project.The shell looks like there has been a lot of time and effort put in and all the rusty areas addressed and the underside looks new.  Thanks for the offer I appreciate your help. 

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Thank you for the heads up Jim, there looks like there has been a lot of (expensive) work completed on your car and it isn't too far away from being finished either. However, like Mike I have looked at your coupe a few times but it's not what I'm after really. Original spec is high in my wish list like the hundreds of other folks looking for a Manta it seems! I would be happy with an Ascona, Mk1 Cavalier, a Manta Hatch too would be nice - am I allowed to say that as everyone seems to want coupes........

best of luck with your car Jim

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Hi stevie 

I'm another Vauxhall/ Opel nut from near you. From Aberdeen but live in Stonehaven now.

Met  up with Jim and the others Tuesday evening for a bite to eat. I have 3 manta's none on the the road at the moment but hopefully for next year. Good luck hunting for one as not many come up, esp up here ,you may have to travel a bit to find a half decent one.

I may be putting one of my 1.8s hatch up for sale soon or in the new year,could even store it for you if you weren't needing it till next year.

I also have mk2 cavs, senators, carltons and a mk2 Astra undergoing some kind of work.No room for any more.

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Hello chaps, 

just thought I would reply here ,seen as its been quiet for a while! Hopefully you all had a good Xmas . I think Jim has been busy with the welder. I been managing to bend over the engine bay again finally, I been educating myself on Holley carbs and getting mine to run my v8. I have made progress and she is running again. 

Hope youall have a good new year and we can get a chance to meet up soon.




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