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Englemann Mirrors

Phil N

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Hi, I have got hold of some englemann mirrors which I am painting white to match the car, I have some questions which google can't find the answer to so they are either obvious or can't be done-

Firstly I have separated the mirror from the stalk by undoing the big nut inside the casing but is there a way of getting the metal balljoint thingy out of the stalk?

I understand from a thread on here that they were originally mounted using self tappers, is this correct as the door skin is very thin..any advice or tips?

Also is there any measurements to where they were originally mounted, if not can anyone suggest what they did?

Thanks, Phil.

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I got them off hi too, think it might be in my J thread.

take your point regarding the skin. I made two steel plates that were small enough to slip through the holes in the stregtnenerbrail at the top of the door and Sicaflexed them on to give extra rigidity and some more meat to screw into


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