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Gasket set Advice.


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I've sourced a lot of mechanical parts, gaskets, etc from this German (Opel parts) site - www.edelschmiede.com

The owner - Thomas - is a friendly guy who will email you in english (though you need to use google translate to decipher invoices before payment).


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Thanks for replies I've hopefully managed to order a head gasket set, bar the sump gasket from a motor factors eventually. They always ask for a reg number but as its not going in a Gte i cant give 1. I should maybe of got a reg from a picture. Cheers Rob i will keep that in mind.

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One thing to look out for with aftermarket head gaskets is the coolant holes.

GM original head gaskets have holes through them on both sides of the block to allow coolant to pass into/from the cylinder head, aftermarket sets like Payan etc omit the holes on the spark plug side, i would guess it makes little difference or there would be reports of over heating problems after an engine rebuild, but i always make holes where they have been omitted just to be safe.

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