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Ball and spring in oil filter


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Hi all, I have a 1971 Opel Manta A

When changing the oil filter recently, the old one contained a ball bearing and spring.

I assume this is some kind of pressure valve?

If so, is it possible to re-fit the bearing and spring or do I have to buy a new oil pump assembly?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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if i remember correctly there is also a filter bypass ball and spring under the seat where the oil filter screws onto .retained by a pressed in collar.i suppose this could "fall" out.? never seen it happen thou. sorry mantadoc just missed that you just said the saame !!

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Don't think the oil bypass valve will drop out, this valve is there in case of a clogged filter.

Would be the first time I heard that thing dropped out, easy to check.

But some oil-filters had that valve also, and easy to find if you look on top of them.

Did once an oil-change on a Opel Record Diesel 2.3CIH and the oilfilter had also such a valve.

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Just to recap, it may be a bypass valve which has popped out of one of the cavities where the filter screws into the base of the engine?

H-400 , you think it may also be a part of the old filter?

Just to add to the problem, I have changed the filter and refilled with new oil and I'm getting zero oil pressure and the oil light goes on when starting the engine.

I'm obviously too scared to run the engine with no oil pressure but it makes sense that the loss of a pressure relief valve may cause a complete loss of oil pressure?

Lastly, in order to get to the bottom of the problem, the first port of call would be to remove the timing cover and see if the ball and spring may have popped out of there?


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If you click this link you'll see on top a pic of the house without filter.

In de centre the tread to screw the filter on and next to it the valve with ball. Check if it is still there in your distr. house.(timing cover)

Never knew it could escape! If the valve is gone don't start the engine! Got somewhere the procedure to replace it (in a manual)

Has the car still got the original engine? Normally that type of CIH has got the pressure valve aside in the timing cover, as Mantadoc mentioned.

By the way: if you opened your oilpump (with gears) you've got to fill up your pump with oil !! Otherwise the pump will not suck oil and no pressure!

This via the plug to open with a 7mm inbus key, aside your pumphouse:    https://www.mantablog.nl/cih-opvullen-oliesysteem/             top picture.

keep us informed, Herman


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  • Ok, so took out the pan at the bottom of the car and had a good look and, unbelievably, the collar that would normally hold the ball in place seems to have sheared off in a few places thus allowing the ball to escape. I suppose this means that I need a new cover/assembly. Does anyone know where I may be able to find one?
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Thanks everyone for your assistance. I have managed to find a replacement timing chain cover via a local Whatsapp group. Looks like quite a big job to swop the part but it looks like most of the gaskets need replacing anyway so will give it crack. No doubt I'll be looking for advice here when I attempt the job!

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