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1973 Opel Manta A - South Africa


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Hi everyone

Great looking forum by the way.

So I have recently bought one of my dreams cars. My father originally had a 1972 Opel Manta 1900S but sold the car 30 years ago. I was always hoping that I would receive the car when I turned 18 and got my drivers and was quite devastated when he sold it, but 30 years after that I have finally decided that now is the right time and bought myself one. Both my father in law (also a petrol head) and I are loving the car and will be doing a road trip down to East London (South Africa) from Cape Town in December to show my father my new toy.

The car drives like a dream and requires very little work to bring it back to its glory.

I have had a lot of time researching the car and in theory, I know a bit about the car but have realized that in South Africa it is not that easy to get parts for these. So I started my shopping list for the few parts I would like to replace.

Look forward to growing the community and learning more about my new car.


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Hey, great to have another A series on here.

and as Mantaray says, it would be great to see some pics.

Stev0 (im not sure if he is still on here) had an A series and lived in South Africa. He might still have it but not use the forum anymore.


If you need help to find bits im sure we can point you in the right direction :-) and help out if you need any technical info.



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That does look nice and tidy. It also makes that Nissan look small :-)

Is it still an auto? should be just right for 5-speed conversion if it is as im sure its the auto prop you need for the conversion.


Let us know the plans for it.

There are some parts links on my blog which might help.





p.s. I like the number plate, that would go nicely on my Honda :-)

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