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Ascona 2 Door

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8 hours ago, GTEPETE said:

Ad says

"The shell is a fairly solid, original LHD 2 door Ascona B from 1981"

Buyer beaware then?

Very much so

If i remember correctly a previous ad for the same car read

"Car needs extensive work underneath to floors and chassis - imagine the worst one of these cars you've ever seen and then double it"

I had a conversation with the owner before last on the subject and he said he never started fixing it because it just needed that much he never knew quite how to start

Ive been following it because its been local to me for at least 10 years and im in the market for a 2 door ascona project and at the right price could be a buyer - but this current listing is just plain misleading 

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Been and viewed this car lastnight and purchased it to make a good one from my 2 ., it's far from completely rotten and is in much better shape than the white one I bought last month. It does need a lot of work but only in the usual places. Swan necks, chassis rails, jacking points, inner wings, scuttle panel, lower rear quarters, floors above jacking points, A posts, front panel. Nothing out of the ordinary imo. The white one I have needs 5x the amount of work so this may be the one I end up restoring out of the 2 

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11 hours ago, ANDY ABBOTT said:

It does need a lot of work but only in the usual places. Nothing out of the ordinary imo. 

Was thinking that, gold from scrap! People look at some cars and are overwelmed, its only metal work, a bit like sculpture only you are following opels template. Which can be difficult when hand forming from sheet metal, when repair panels aint available, also if you hadnt the skill, know how or confidence, it may not be worth paying for the service. 

Have you ever thought of doing this, BMW / OPEL. Might save the worst shell,  old m5 needed! 


Heres the link, legend! 


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