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4 speed gearbox lever rubbers


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maybe someone who doesnt like 4 speed boxes. :)

wonder did i remove one from my project when stripping? Must keep an eye out, should be in the crate, if its there. 

would be easily made, just 2 or 3mm rubber sheet, and a few button connectors! Wouldnt me a massive seller! 

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to be honest its hard to see which bit (if any) is missing. they only come down the back a little and have the crude little fasteners that go around the selector arms.if its not 100% there i doubt you would notice any difference sound wise and if you do get one its easy enough to fit from the top.

riveted on with the rectangular surround i seem to recall.

most extra unwanted noise from these comes from having the side spring missing or broken causing a rattle.

if no one on here has one theres a guy on ebay who is selling a few parts.maybee he would have one .

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