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Cam shaft

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47 minutes ago, NevilleThrashingRamsbottom said:

Hi Jessopia74.

Std set up with Hydraulic lifters

No, you need solid with those cams. They need a special pre-ramp on the lobe profile for hydraulic that the Kent do not have. 
Will it run with them? Probably - but you might as well not bother as you have rather compromised the lift/duration. They will also 'pump up' in high rev range that will impose an artificial limiter when you start to have valve float.

I speak from experience here with an op214 that I thought I *might* get away with. Even though I set it with adjustable vernier cam drive too, it ran like a sack of crap.
Solids fixed the issue and unleashed its performance profile correctly.

TLDR use solid lifters 💪😀

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As Jessopia said it’s a no-no with hydraulic lifters. Definitely need solid lifters. With a 234 you will need to check valve to piston clearance, most of the time they’re ok but if the heads been skimmed it can get a little close. You should also be using the Kent valve springs and removing the rotacaps as well. If you don’t use the correct springs you’ll end up with valve bounce when it’s revving.

Good cam though when it’s done right, you’ll need to get an adjustable fuel reg and get the pressure up a bit, with a bit of port cleaning up/bigger inlet valves and a decent exhaust you can see 150 bhp.



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yes i remember fitting hydraulic followers to a 1600 many moons ago.engine sounded great but very bad lumpy tickover.valves were clocked and found to be opening too soon ( the aforementioned ramp )i beleive this is to just take up the solid followers clearance first so the cam is ready to lift at the correct degree.

fitting solids to a 2 litre works well thou. slightly noisier as theres no ramp but very very stable idle speed.


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2 hours ago, Jessopia74 said:

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123610225904 Cheap in comparison (with inflation) from when Last purchased one in the 90's 

Everything seems expensive now compared to the 90's to me 🙂

Was just curious as i went with one from ENEM but would have to work out what the cam and lifter cost to compare. Very nice cam so far.

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