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Manta exclusive


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Been thinking of selling long and hard 
Got this about 2 1/2 years ago, was looking for 18 months

Have carried out a lot of work, welding,front suspension and lot more 

New springs on the rear which makes it seat a bit high,but have the lowering springs that was fitted 

The is a lot of information on Irish blue on projects 

Has a MOT No advisory on test ,covered about 200 miles from the MOT 

The bonnet needs painting ( paint supplied)) the roof needs painting or sunroof fitting (sunroof supplied)

The exhaust may be to load for some 

Overall this manta is in good condition now

Thinking of £15,500 which is a realistic price or someone can come a have a look from the club and advise 

Manta in Liverpool 




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What's stopping you from finishing the roof and paint? They'll only get harder to find as time goes on and the longer you keep it, it'll even prove to be a good hedge against inflation.

Plus I'll be in a better financial position to buy it in 2025! :D

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Have got to wait until a nice day in spring as it’s to cold to paint as the the paint will not turn out right.

Been there done that.

Got the have the garage door open and the door into the house open as the house will get full of paint fumes 

As for the roof don’t fancy cutting the out as l think the solid roof looks better.

if it does not sell it will stay in the garage for a few years,  which is a shame as it goes like sh#t of a shovel.


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Did get a job delivering car parts,8 till 5.30 ( 9.5 hours) per day.plus Saturday morning for £22,500 

Stood around for 4 hours and that was a good day,

if the van got damaged in any way l would have to £250 ,3 red marks ( speeding late delivery) per month legs slapped 

Only there for a day had 4 complaints the driver l was with got a lot of abuse ( not his fault as did not pick the parts)

So only did one day and that was enough 

So looking around for a handyman jobs not in a rush will find one in time

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