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hope this works!

monaco ray

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hello, my name is dave and i am from the london heathrow airport area.

i am new to this sort of thing, and never written on a foram before. i have been a mbr nearly 2 years and had 3 different mantas over the last 15 years and a ascona also. i now own an exclusive gte coupe auto, which i bought from a garage for £450 in feb 2001 with 85500 miles. in need of the usuall chassis, sills and panel repairs. after all that was finished i got a fresh paint job done. the car has been out and about on dry sunny days for over 2 years now, so that is about 12 days or just over a 1000 miles so here she is ....hope this works......photo of my car here....help, not sure what i'm doing so here goesmantaef.jpg

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Hi Dave, welcome to the Manta forum,looks like you've got a real nice exclusive.

You might be interested in a Monthly Pub Meet not far from you led by the Senior Statesman of the Manta Club, Ron Daymond.

The meet takes place at the Coy Carp Pub which by the Grand Union Canal along a minor road between West Hyde and Harefield,not far from junction 17 of the M25.easy to get to,even i come down from Milton Keynes when i can.

In december there is the Christmas Dinner at the Uxbridge Golf Club.

During the summer Ron organises club attendance at various car shows.

Plenty to get involved in not far from you,hope to meet you in person some time soon.

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