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Alternative Brakes


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Hi There,

I've read a few topics regarding upgraded brakes. I need to get calipers reconditioned but was wondering if there is a direct bolt on alternative that fits on over the standard disc without modification, are there any astra or vectra alternatives that might be available in a modern scrapyard for example ?


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"MK2 astra 2.0 16v, mk3 astra 2.0 16v, calibra 16v, calibra 8v, cavalier 2.0 8v, vectra 1800 16v................no doubt there are many more, but these I have used and know are the same"

I found this statement from a post in 2006 so just thought I'd bump it for others.

I'll try for some 1800 vectra calipers.

Anyone have any updates on which other calipers are the same. This was from 2006 so I'm sure others have since been added to the list.


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Sorry for this outburst, block your ears if you are the sensitive type (so not you Clive!!![biggrin.gif])

God's sake how difficult can it be!!!

If the pads overhang by more than 5mm, you have the WRONG CALIPER!!!

The hose WILL point the wrong way even with the right caliper............

Either use braided line and aftermarket end fittings (line is £4 a metre and fittings are £3 each from Rally Design

OR just grind off the flipping locating lug on the caliper and point the hose where you want!

2.0 Cav calipers, 8valve, 16v, SRI or any other bugger will all fit, as they are the same!!!! Look on to confirm, they have all the disc sizes and caliper sizes nicely laid out for you

With all this cafuffle I don't understand how I managed to do this conversion 3 times, first over 11 years ago when I didn't have the internet and didn't know any other manta owners and just made a wild guess that the bits might fit on a whim at the scrappy!!!!!!!

end of rant



LOL, great bit of advice found after some more searching. Nuff said !

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The only upgraded caliper that i'm aware of for the standard manta disc is the 2-pot caliper from the earlier cars.

And while it is an improvement over the original calipers (mainly as it doesn't seize up every few months) its only a little better.

If you want to improve your brakes get some of the above Astra/Vectra/cavalier etc calipers.

Then get the right Audi 80 disc (only a couple of years worth had the exact offset required in the discs)

take them along to your local engineering place and get the centre bore opened up, and 4 new mounting holes drilled to match the manta hub.

Then bolt the whole lot together and marvel at the improvement in braking.

Just made a set up for my mates car, its very easy and well worth doing :D

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