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2Nd Chance

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Hi mate saw your Manta in Donny, i also live in Doncaster it was on ebay loads of times!!!! did you end up with the spares that were advatised on ebay with the car?????

The Monaco blue exclusive that all the bits were off (E99 TEA) just lived up the road from me and i tried to buy it loads of times!!!!

Wots the plans with your monster manta then?????

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say it 4 sale,just wanted my car back,a bit disapointed that it wasnt left as an v/good cardinal red exclusive

drove down to donny,made sure it was the car,a few tell tale signs,which are still there,didnt want spares ,did a deal,and drove back down ,and brought back home on trailer.

kept looking in mirror as after 8 yrs ,it is great to get back.

car will now be taken off road ,and painted red again,will possibly put new f/glass wings ,and proper 400 bumper on as wings have been blended into original bumper,looks ok,but not happy with gaps between wings and 400 bonnet,so will need to be all done again.

a bit quicker now though with 24v thoughbiggrin.gif


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I saw this car on Ebay myself and recognised it as it was very often up against mine at Billing. I nearly bought it:o, Just as well I didnt as its gone to its rightfull owner. Nice to see it again and good luck with it, always thought the colour was a bit out of place, it will look good in Red.:thumbup

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