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For a 2 door Ascona that is the price I recently sold one to Ireland for.

Makes a much more attractive 400 rep than anything else in my opinion.

So I think the price is reasonable,especially when considering the price being asked for other Opels that go up for sale. :)

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A bag of sand is only the starting bid, I hate to think what the reserve is set at. For a scone with no tax and test even a grand is a rip off but it's in northern ireland which although part of the UK, still ask republic of ireland prices for cars.

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:o Not really!! as when converted to 400 will be worth awe gid tad mare seller jist gettin his slice owe cake first.

One from up here awe while back und jist bits chap got awe grand wi nae arguments.

Und awe gid repo 400 Ascona wull always look thi bollocks ower any Manta personal opinion :D

:rolleyes: In thi real world 100 quid tops,but peeps wull pay

as much to get whit thur after be it 6k.

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a dinny think a would be creamin in ma pants over payin 6k for a 2 door ascona that probably only cost about 2 k brand new i think its worth £1.50 n a rotton appleunsure.gif coz a had a manta coupe on fleabay for start of price £1.100 and no bidders and it had no rust so a think this guy///////lassie is on ti plums the manta is far beta lookin than an ascona.....................................................................if he/she gets that kinda cash fur that they will have ti be called golden balls!laugh.gif

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and some people wonder why we head over to ye to buy cars !!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

this is taking the pee :D

have a look at some of the mantas,asconas that come up for sale over here , their way overpriced & the most of them need a lot of work !

it,ll be a long time before that gets bought at that money !

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SIX AND A HALF GRAND!!!!!! Given there was an utterly mint B series on the bay for not much more than that, and it was unsold and subject to a lot of controversy, that's just waaaay too much. It would be a bit rich for a mint car but one needing work? Knock a zero off and you might be nearer the mark. Now to put my B series GTE up for sale and retire on the proceeds. :D:D:thumbup

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