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Cih Not Firing


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Just put another engine into my coupe, with the idea of getting it running again after 15 years off the road.

However, it has other ideas!!!

It turns over but just won't fire!

The fuel pump is new and there is definately fuel getting thru to the plugs.

The entire ignition system is new....new coil, dizzy cap, rotor arm, points, condenser, vacuum assy, plugs. Only leads aren't brand new, but some on order.

It seems that I have an intermitent sprk at the coil HT lead....

I assume my next thing to check will be the cars LT wiring?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Two things spring to mind, although neither may be of any use to you.

1st just because its new doesn't mean its not broken. Had several bit over the years that were new but had faults, from dizzy caps with missing centre electrodes to plugs that just wouldn't fire. So if you have the old bits might be worth trying them.

2nd Less obvious and unlikely by the sounds of it is something that happened to me years ago.

I'd just had the oil pump apart and replaced the gears and cover. After rebuilding everything the car wouldn't start :(

Took me hours of checking and swapping things around before i cranked the engine with the dizzy cap off (can't remember why now) and realised the rotor arm wasn't going around :blink:

Turns out that the oil pump cover had locked the pump gears in place and also the dizzy drive shaft.

So when i turned the engine over the drive cog that runs off the crank turned and snapped the small roll pin that attaches it to the dizzy drive.

As i say very unlikely to have happened but thought i'd mention it anyway :)

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During the days of petrol engined ambulances, contact sets were changed very often, and I 've lost count of the number of faulty new sets that we used to have, as we were servicing all the ambulances in Dyfed, and as far as I can recall there was about 50-60 of them, all Essex engines, we used to send many faulty sets back to the supplier every quarter. so like was said in the previous post, never assume that as it's new it is a good part.

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Cheers for the quick replies.

I have checked and rechecked all parts. The Dizzy cap and rotor arm were relatively new, but rplaced again as I was uncertain about them.

Was thinking maybe the new condensor was at fault, but having seen itermittant spark at the coil lead, I'm leaning towards wiring...

Was told to wire the coil +ve to the battery.....

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