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Gt/e Fuel Pump With Ignition

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When putting the key in the ignition and turning it id expect to briefly hear the fuel pump kick in for a couple of seconds, mine does not! Recently i have also found i've had to do the 2p trick to get fuel up to the engine. Once started and the throttle held slightly it'll run and idle lovely. Is there a relay at fault? and wher would it be on the hatch model. Are they available new still?

It had a new fuel pump fitted 3 years ago and has not done many miles since. The car has good battery, been serviced few weeks ago.

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Have ordered a new relay, hopefully this will sort the problem. thanks for the link!

Must admit im getting really pi$$30 off with this damn car, i've thrown no end of money at it to get it running and the next time i come to it there's another problem!

In the last month its had problems with heater cable, boot latch, battery, battery leads, starter motor and now this.

Possibly unrelated the curse of the manta has killed a 2 year old 66ah brand new vauxhall battery. to top it i cant find the bloody receipt to return it! aaaaah!!!!

I know some people are slightly anti-ford here but my granada which is another 8 years older and carb gives no problems what so ever and is nowhere near as rusty. Its a b100dy saving grace of the manta that its so good to eventually drive, if that wasn't the case it'd gone to the crusher years ago.

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there is no 2 second priming period. when you turn on the ign nothing will happen except the coil will switch off & the voltmeter rise slightly. the fuel pump only runs when cranking or once the engine has fired up. if you remove the small spade on the starter & turn the key the pump will run. likewise the pump should run when powering the fuse (2p trick !)

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