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Manta Gt/e


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Manta GT/E Hatchback.

Colour: Astro Silver

Date of Registration: August'84

3 Owners including myself.

Mileage: 84,346

Tax'd until January 2011

MOT 'til June 2011

I've owned this car for 2 years having bought it from another Manta nut/enthuisiast who had replaced the rusty bits with solid metal! The car had also been recently resprayed prior to me getting it. It has a large Webasto sliding glass sunroof in place of the original factory job.

I've done aproximately 7000 miles in the car, in that time I've changed the brake fluid, fitted a new clutch, replaced the gearbox oil(and tail-shaft seal), fitted a new diff pan gasket and fresh oil obviously. I've fitted 4 Bilstien OE spec gas shockers as it was still on it's originals. New distributer cap and rotor arm.

I removed the petrol tank shortly after getting the car as the tank was in remarkably good condition.I treated what little rust there was with curust and then painted it with red-oxide paint before finishing it with industrial floor paint which sets to a hard enamel finish,the rubber fuel pipes were replaced with new ones as well.

In June this year I took the cylinder head off for a decoke,the exhaust valve seats were also recut as well.Everything was cleaned, painted and put back together using a Payne gasket kit.All engine bay fuel hoses were also repaced. I also had the radiator re-cored(3)in anticipation of sitting in a traffic jam on route to Billing!

I fitted new front wheel bearings in July,new front tyres, new steering rack boots and HT leads.

As far as servicing goes it has had the oil+filter changed every 6 months , fuel filter was done when the tank was out and it last had plugs fitted when the head was done. The air filter is a K&N panel filter.

Bodywork wise the car is very smart but does have the odd blemish. Interior wise it's spot on with NO wear on the seat bolsters. The only thing spoiling the inside is the Sony CD player(needs must!) but I have the original Philips one!

The car drives superbly and has just taken me,wife,bikes and a lot of holiday gear to the Alps and back. 2360 miles in 2 weeks in pure style!

Selling to fund other car.........but I'd like to keep it :(








The no. plate on the car will be coming off and it will be a B-reg.

Car is located on the Edinburgh outskirts, I can pick up at Edinburgh airport/railway or bus station.

£2000 Includes a years OMOC membership .

If interested please send a PM

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I really think you should be asking more!

Unfortunately not in the market for it as i cant have 2 and im stuck with mine for now!

What is the sunroof from? Looks a bit calibra? more importantly the inside of the sunroof looks great. Is it all from the same vehicle?

The sunroof is a Webasto(large size!)...... think the previous owner got it off e-bay.


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Here's my original project thread,


That was one cracking car, it drove sweet as a nut and should fly at that asking price- I still miss the thing!

I hope it finds another owner like you.

Thanks James, it was this thread that made my mind up to buy the car. There's something to be said about taking pictures of the work you do as you go along.

Maybe I should just store it for a dry day! :huh:


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