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The Best Laid Plans. . . .


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Making plans in my head is easy, its the sticking to them thats the hard part.

I have every intention of keeping this as a useable daily driver without going too deep with the repairs. "as long as its clean and solid i'm not bothered about anything else" the famous last words to the mrs! However, now, I find myself thinking about the little things I could do to improve the cars looks and performance. Already I have a list of things i want to buy or want to do that has blown my budget clean out of the water. I'm not one for changing too much of a car that it looks like something out of judge dredd, but there's always room for a little improvement. . . .

So to start with only the things that is needed for its M.O.T (first in several years) will be done.

After only a brief look around the vehicle the list so far is quite short (so far!).

I have discovered one of the rear suspension springs have snapped.

A couple of new lights for the front.

There is some perishing to the sidewalls of all four tyres.

The fuel lines both metal and rubber cannot be trusted so will have to be replaced.

The underside needs a good going over until then I'm going to assume that there's welding to be done. I have only found three small patches as yet.

The front brakes are shot due to exposure.

I know there is more, much more, but in my own little bubble i'm quite happy for now.

When I look at a car I see what it could be not what its rusting into, as far as I'm concerned the colour is good (although a couple of fresh coats wont hurt!), the wheels are good and all the interior needs is a good clean. I prefer the lower stance so will be replacing the springs with -40mm uprated ones. I MUST find a set of clear front indicators, these look awesome on most metallic mantas. I've seen a blue hatch on youtube with an i240 kit on it that i thought looked ok but theres me getting carried away again!

Here's a picture of the car as i received it. . .


I've been told by the previous owner that the engine has some internal modification. namely a high lift camshaft. until i take it out for a 'test' drive i won't know for sure.....



Well thats it for now, I'm gonna get started this weekend, might even get it running!

Adios. . . .

I was happy to find the interior in a good condition, especially the drivers seat.

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Did you get this from South Wales by any chance? There was one that looked a lot like this one advertised near me on ebay a couple of years ago that I nearly bought, just wondering if it's the same one!

But you do buy everything that's for sale in Wales Rob!! :lol:

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months have past and due to a new baby, crap weather and irregular work patterns, not a lot has happened. i have had another manta that i've been stripping for bits and any spare time has been spent salvaging any useful parts.

from this. . . . .


to this. . . . . .


don't think i wouldn't saved if i could. there were plates tacked on all over the place and then glued around the edges with an inch of body filler and BATHROOM silicon sealer!! a liberal coating of stone chip covered most of this cars sins. it was a dangerous wreck and beyond (economical) repair. a quick look at the drivers side chassis leg will tell a story. i hit that twice with a two pound hammer!


but, back to mine . . . .

after some useful advice from other members, i bought some new headlamps as the old ones were rotton inside.

old ones out,


using the original carriers with new stainless bolts they went in perfectly.


listed as triumph stag 5 3/4 inch lamps on e-bay, i paid about £40 for them and would definately recommend to others.


and on the car.


thats one M.O.T failure out the way. now to the suspension.

drivers side rear spring was snapped, so i bought a set of -55mm lowering springs to put on it. the last manta i had was dropped 40mm and it drove really well on 17" wheels. but as i'm keeping the original wheels on this one, i really want to lose that gap above the tyre. it may not turn out to be a good idea but we'll see. at least there aren't many speed bumps around here!

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listed as triumph stag 5 3/4 inch lamps on e-bay, i paid about £40 for them and would definately recommend to others

Thanks for that bit of info, saves me a night of looking through the forum at alternative lights for mine :thumbup

Must agree I do like that colour, and that beer can in the shot :thumbup Mmmmmmmmmm beer :blink:

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Over this weekend i've had a good couple of days to continue with repairs. I managed to move the car onto the flat bit of my drive so i can jack it up safely and work around both sides with ease, also i've never been able to open the boot due to a lack of a key so on dropping the back seat and climbing through bits and peices left by the previous owner, it opened to reveal a pair of carlton 2.2 (i think) struts, hubs, calipers, discs, a set of manta injectors and a cih 4-2-1 exhaust manifold! Sadly, but not entirely unexpected, the spare wheel well was full of water so that was drained and a quick clear out of some clutter (autotrader june 2006!) and i'm left with a tidy recaro interior.

Having only heard the engine run briefly (easy start up the air intake!) due to fuelling issues, i started replacing the fuel pipes at the tank end. I chose to throw away the anti-surge do-dah as i did on my other manta, and after removing the trigger wire from the starter and turning the key i discovered a fountain of petrol spraying out of every bit of hose from the inner wing round the rail and back again. at some point in its life its had some shiny braided fuel hoses fitted which look ok but dont let you see the crap rubber underneath. back to the shop tomorrow to buy more fuel hose!

While the back end was up in the air i had the drums off, finding the shoes to be practically brand new and everything else in order, a quick clean and adjust was all that was needed there. At the same time i removed the old broken suspension springs and fitted the shiny new red ones.

Priority no. 1 for monday. . . . . . . .get the thing running on its own!!

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Success!!. . . . . the old girl runs!!

albeit only for a minute and not very smoothly!!

But thats not suprising with the old fuel thats in the tank, five year old at best guess, so next on the agenda is a bit of a drain out and couple of gallons of fresh. As i mentioned before the metal fuel pipes weren't to be trusted and i was right, probably due to my fiddling about, there is now fuel leaking onto the floor under the o/s wing.

I cannot wait to nail it round the block!! it's been a few years since i've been behind the wheel of a manta. . . .

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