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Hi Love Opel Mantas But Getting A Capri


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All I can say is have a look at all the projects some are out of this world and some will just do trouble is this day and age, time and of coarse money play a big part, for me it doesn't matter what they look like as long as their on the road, as for power I think mine has got about 100 ponies .don't want any more cos if you want the brakes to work you have to write them a letter, I'm building a 2.4 , that will have good brakes

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thats the same reason i love capris i find them beautiful and want one to keep on the road my mums bf have tried to get me to buy an opel manta but i currently only have £700 saved up so can't really get one for that. haha u make me laugh about the writing the breaks a letter lmao XD

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Hi Shadonhound and welcome.

I have owned both Capris and mantas, and in my opinion the manta is a much better handleing car.

As far as maintinance goes the manta is very easy to work on, but I would suspect that parts are easyer to find for the capri. Vauxhall/Opel just don't have the same amount of support that Ford do for the old cars. :angry:

As Casper has said, have a look through the prodjects and you may just change your mind. :D

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I had a 2.8i Capri a few years ago, really cool car but as far as rust issues go theres not much in it between old Fords and Opels/Vauxhalls.

I far prefer the Manta handling over the Capri and you have far more room inside a Manta.

My old Capri had to go due to the above mentioned rustworm...


Overall I do prefer the Manta...


Saying that I'd easy have another Capri, can't beat the sound of a big V6 :D

Cheers, Peter.

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Hi shadowhound,

Still one of the best cars I have owned was mi 1600E from many moons ago. Still have a drool when I see them thi day at shows,at the NEC this year there was awe Savage at one of the entrance doors jist stunning motor, Welcome along.


cheers rab,

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Que Harry

Hmmm! I like Opel Manta's, but then again I like ford Capri's, but which is the better? There's only one way to find out............

Actually as per the topic title, I love Opel Manta's which is exactly the reason why I'm not getting a Capri, but actually have a Manta on my drive B) Oh and a Skyline cos I love them too B)B)

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I too love most old motors and not particuarly faithful to just one badge, i don't see the fun in that. But mantas and capris are definately 2 of my faves and i like them both in different ways. I now don't have either but will probably take another manta as the mrs prefers them so anything to keep her happy!

A few photos when i had both for a while, this doesn't shed the capri in the best light as mines was pretty rusty by then:




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