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Shameless Link To My Strada Cabrio On Ebay!

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I'm so sad to see it go :(

I hope it finds an appreciative new owner, I've loved it

I've just put this on my watch list. Had one 20 years ago and one of the few cars I wish I still owned, but sadley no more pennies till very end of April (monthly bonus, ha ha, not !!! ).So unless something gets sorted I wont be able to bid on it, Boo Hooo !

As there is no reserve set, bit pointless me being selfish and saying 'hope you don't sell it '

So hope someone who understands the old Fiats gets it.

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love this car wanna bid, but the misses may leave,if any more cars turn up! do remeber a lad in the next village with a met brown cabby ,

his mums old car my god was that car rotten!! but kept running!!! not so fun in the rain every seat got damp!!!

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Nice strada , i havent seen one of those in years ,especially in cab form . my dad bought my mum one of the last saloon models made in 1988 . it was some limited edition fiat were doing to roll out the end of production it was called a strada team . and had metalic paint , rear spoiler, and other little goodies that the others didnt. i can still rembember it well as i used to drive it as i had passed my test the same year.

good luck with the sale, hope the new owner gives it the apprieciation it deserves .

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Heh!, It was one of those things when I registered with eBay back in 2003, had to think or a username in a hurry. Can't remember what other names I tried but obviously someone had thought of them first cause they were taken, came up with a silly portmanteau of my current banger and there it was! (No Manta's til 2006)

Funny how these things stay with you!!

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