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Manta_Sr Logo Help Required


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Went to engrave the old MANTA_SR shadow type early B logo for club member today only to find the SR was actually missing off of my copy.

As recently emailed to the person, it is irritating as a couple of weeks ago i had this lettering stuck on the back of my Manta, until I recently sprayed the bootlid :blink::( .

Has anyone got or could anyone possibly please take a piccie and post it up on here please at a reasonable resolution approx 150 dpi upwards if you have the software to do this.

Would be very grateful if anyone could do this or simply point me to a link of the logo, many thanks, in anticipation.

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not the Sr but...

did redraw this for myself for a signwriter a few yrs back, couldnt even think were to look for it now, I think I put it on a Manta B register certificate, is it in club media to download?



all u need is someone with the proper (SR)

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Many thanks people.

Unfortuantely not much use, as what I need is exactly what Brady has put up, (Thanks mate) but with the S and R,

I had a look at the logo on the "club media to download" section but that again just has the MANTA in shadow logo.

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