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Return Of Thundersaloons--Mallory Park


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Please see note below from Ian Coomber:-

Those of us of a certain age will remember with affection and awe the era of the Supersaloon - the DTV Repco Holden engined Vauxhall Firenza "Baby Bertha" driven by the legendary Gerry Marshall, the V8 DAF "Dafnee", Skoda V8, Boss Capri, Chevy VW Bug and many other equally exotic and brutal creations. The good news is that these awesome race cars, including many other big engined Vauxhalls, are again ready to rumble on Bank Holiday Monday, August 29th.

Organised by the Classic Sports Car Club, the cars will be racing in anger once again at Mallory Park in Leicestershire, the "friendly circuit" as far as visitors are concerned but a real challenge for the 30 plus entries expected for this much anticipated event.

The good news is that you can be there and enjoy discounted entry. All occupants of the first 200 Vauxhall cars (of any age) to arrive at the circuit to spectate will get entry at £13 per person instead of the normal gate price of £15. Children under 16 get free entry. Free parking and paddock entry to see the cars and drivers at close quarters. Once the 200 figure is reached, entry will be charged at £15 per adult. Racing starts at 1.30pm and there is a full bill of support races.

This promises to be a great day out so get up early and make a nostalgic day of it!

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What a fantastic afternoon out! I went along in the Monaro (well it was a bit of V8 day) and thoroughly enojyed seeing some of the old cars out on the track again.

A good performance from the Stars and Stipes Manta in all races, although no outright wins. Driver of the day had to be Joss Ronchetti in his Lotus Sunbeam.....especially the last race of the day!

Baby Bertha was awesome too, I had forgotton just how good that car sounds. The Calrton TS was also another one to watch on the day, so keep your eyes open for the series in the future. There is talk that this may be a regular race series for 2012 so lets hope that this comes to fruition. Definitely scope for some club meetings at these races....good to see that the Stars and Stipes still has the OMOC sticker in the window that we put it at Billing all those years ago!!!!

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As mantaray said ,it promised to be a great day out, well it was.

The Stars and Stripes Manta, Vauxhall Baby Birtha and lot's more of the old Thunder saloons were all there and on the track.













Great to meet up with some of the other manta club members,i think they will agree it was a good day out.

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yes it was a fantastic day out :thumbup . that sunbeam was hellish quick :o . poor manta driver burned his face on sunday checking engine after practice and rad cap was not fitted correctly and blew off steaming his face, he was advised not to race but opted to go out today glad he did. :)

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Yeah, awesome day, apart from a little rain!

Downer was that my mate stacked his caterham on the Sunday and didn't get to run on the Monday :(

Yep, we've been dicing with Ronchetti's Sunbeam in another series - no match for the Saker GT we were running, but bloody quick none the less. A really top notch car - Engine alone must be worth 10's of thousands... 2.7 all-billet Lotus, around 340bhp I believe - not bad for a N/A 4 cylinder!

Loved the light blue TR5 too - mega quick, likewise the White MK2 Escort - didn't see under the bonnet, but it sounded like a pretty serious BDA - what a soundtrack!!

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