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More Unidentified Manta Parts


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As my previous post, can you assist with the following...........what are they??

My Manta was partially stripped when I bought it, now that its nearling completion the spare parts are turning up :blink: !!



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1 is the front cover for the camshaft in a CIH engine

2 is the bracket from the ECU on a GT/e that attaches it to the inner A pillar

3 not 100% sure as the pic isn't that clear, only place i can think of is somepart of the hinges on the tailgate of a hatchback

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Thanks guys, that's 1st class!

I'll re-attach the cam cover to the engine, its spare anyway as the 20XE is about to be dropped in :P .

:thumbup :thumbup :thumbup


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ah ha mantasrme you did not identify the metal bits that go down each side of the radio cassette in the standard manta dash extension :o .

mind you suppose you dont have a radio in rally car :lol:

No point in having a radio in it, wouldn't be able to hear it in there :D

They didn't look like the stereo bits as they looked too rusty :blink:

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