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Very Original Manta For Sale

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It belonged to Cavtastic a while back. It's either not as original as the vendor says or it's not as nice. When Andy had it it had a few scrapes courtesy of it's original elderly owner. Still a nice car though, but what do you do with it? If you use it you'll destroy the magic of those low miles (and the value), and if you don't it will be a waste of a nice car.

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Yep my old car and a nice one at that. Bodywork is/was corrosion free but has panel damage. At some time in the past the car looks like it has been run down a wooden post. The paint work is ok but a small score line along the door and rear panel. It had done 8600 miles when I sold it, I regret selling iit but my lust for Sapphire blue Cavaliers was too great. Most would think this is the wrong decision but we don't all fancy the same chick do we? Lols Happy Xmas to all Manta and Cavs lovers out there!

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