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Wheel Nuts


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Should be so simple but .......

Got some new wheels for the mancona on Sunday and was a little shocked when I took the centers of the standard Gte alloys

The wheel nuts were the type normally found on steel wheels,plus the studs didn't even come through the the wheel nut.


Looked on my hatch and it had the wheel nuts with covered ends

Strange thing is the mancona seems to be a straight original car(well until I got it!)where as the hatch has had lots of owners and loads of jobs done to it.

So what nuts should I have on my new alloys ?


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If the nuts don't get their full depth on the studs, I would say that the studs are to short, I was speaking to Emy, from West Wales yesterday and he has the same problem so it seems, I'd get in touch with him if I were you, cos I think he said that he had a way to fix it.

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